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idk if this is an belief i have alone but is it just me who thinks they’ve fundamentally confirmed their partnership without having always confirming just about anything? like they have a self-titled permanently dwelling, and have lived jointly for above ten several years in addition planning to dwell together “permanently”. cornelia has known as dan the uncle to her and martyn’s baby which i know persons do for good friends in the british isles, im the auntie to my friend’s kid, but with the information dnp have a ridiculously private life, don’t you believe cornelia stating that dan is her kid’s uncle is a little bit. idk on the nose? it can be kinda telling with no expressing just about anything more?i just come across it baffling that no a person has at any time observed possibly of them with a further person on a “date” prior to. any time they depart the house, it really is together and no a single has observed them with any individual else definitely given that they’ve been in every single other’s lives.

i am not going to speak about how i imagine that perspective is a type of harmful issue that phannies are romanticising but they do make perception when you imagine about it. the top of their fame you would have viewed people get pics of possibly of them with a further male for clout needs and we bought practically nothing like that, the most staying when dan went for drinks with abigail thorn i consider pre pandemic.

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i just think they’re undoubtedly going down the vibe of “we know you know, and you know we know you know but which is all” and i do really regard them for that in a way. they naturally will not owe anyone a affirmation but as a dnp enthusiast since 2011 now I have variety of just approved we are not going to get everything a lot more than the informal feedback of dan threatening to divorce phil as a joke, or them confirming they are preparing to spend the relaxation of their are living collectively in this self-designed for good house. i really like they are trying to keep something to themselves for the reason that they’ve shared a great deal with us and idk if they ever do choose to share far more, i believe it will be nice but i don’t assume it really is vital.

i experienced the similar vibe before they came out. i just approved that they’ll never ever confirm their sexuality to us and i was all right with it for identical causes that I have mentioned below so who is familiar with if they’re going to ever ensure their relationship too? it’s possible they would when their fanbase has declined a minimal far more and all the insane shippers have given up for the reason that they have nothing to fetishise anymore because they’re providing us absolutely nothing? idk. bottom line, i don’t genuinely treatment about them confirming it, but dan’s remark in in essence im homosexual about how he enjoys the thought of him currently being able to fuck something up and not have to create a general public assertion about it, helps make perception but do they Actually imagine that if they broke up or moved out at this place in their live that no just one would raise questions? hell phannies apart, casual lovers would discover and question questions. certainly, that doesn’t indicate they are entitled to an answer but individuals would even now question what transpired. i just consider it can be naive of them to assume it truly is not obviously evident at this issue.

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once once more i do respect the privacy but if they genuinely believe they have not essentially advised us with out telling us phrase on term, then they have no brain cells in their heads lmfao.