bookkeeping clean up checklist

The next step will be to check your receivables to ensure that all overdue bills have been accurately recorded. The sum of money owed to your company by clients who still need to pay their invoices is called accounts receivable. The heart of the bookkeeping process is to ensure your clients’ financial records are complete and accurate.

For now, you may well need to take control of the process yourself, at least for a little while. For most small businesses, a simple accounting software package is all you’ll need to get things back on track. If that means investing in new software, choose a program that allows you to create retrospective ledger entries (more on that in step 5).

What Is Revenue Recognition?

Sometimes it’s convenient to pull out a personal credit card or cash. But continuing this practice can create a quagmire of entangled personal and business expenses that can weaken the separation between your finances and the finances of your business. The best way to manage this regularly is to do a monthly reconciliation to identify any mismatched or missing transactions. So once you catch up on your books, continue to reconcile your bank statements each month. Take a look at this bookkeeping cleanup checklist to get all your financial ducks in a row.

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  • This is a holding account on the equity side of the balance sheet.
  • It’s become like quicksand, getting worse the harder they struggle to get out.

This step is crucial to getting accurate information for your financial reports. Review past transactions to check that they were categorized correctly, as well as update those that have not yet been categorized. When it comes to tidying up your books, create a checklist to help you track what needs done and cross items off your to-do list.

What it takes to do a QBO Cleanup

We can provide you with the information that would be necessary for us to perform expert bookkeeping clean up services for your business. We’ll also get you set up with Quickbooks so that all your transactions can be recorded and reconciled online. Now is also a great time to make sure you’re not overpaying for supplies or services. Check your financial balance law firm bookkeeping sheets to see if there’s anything you might cut or scale back. Read over the fine print on any service agreements you might have to make sure the terms haven’t changed and become unfavorable to you. While most small business owners won’t need to undergo yearly financial reviews, these reviews can provide additional support for financing opportunities.

bookkeeping clean up checklist

This step might take a few days, and it might take much longer. If your books have been in disarray for years upon years, you might be tempted to draw the line and stop the reconstruction process. It’s vital that you clean up the last three years of records, and best if you go back seven years. Beyond that, you might not get much practical value from the exercise, and it’s unlikely that anyone else will ask you to go back any farther. Your finance team will build a proper bookkeeping document checklist, reconcile accounts, and evaluate financial statements to ensure your business is on the right track. However, they must understand how your company operates to build a chart of accounts structured specifically for your business.