When discussing your skills, look at how they particularly fit into the remote environment. Good communicators, for instance, may want to mention their comfort using video conferencing, chat platforms, and instant messaging to stay in touch with others on the remote team. Strong collaborators could talk about using shared documents and daily check-ins to accomplish company goals while working off-site. Include the word “Virtual” or “Remote” in parentheses at the end of your job title.

how to list remote work experience on resume

Only include work experience, education, and other information that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. Updating the skills section is the obvious place, but don’t forget to sprinkle it throughout your work experience section too. The goal is how to list remote work on resume to get everything on paper so it’s easy to pull from when you start creating more targeted resumes. Apart from digital skills, working from home needs valuable soft skills such as self-motivation, discipline, adaptability, flexibility, and much more.

Final Thoughts On How to Tailor Your Resume for Your Dream Remote Job

If you have enough work-from-home experience, then it is best to create a new section on your resume specifically for this form of work. This allows hiring managers to view you as an experienced candidate who can handle multiple responsibilities and work in a flexible manner depending on the job’s requirements. Highlight key remote work accomplishments in your resume summaryAlternatively, you can emphasize remote work by including a short blurb underneath the company name and job title.

  • The ability to manage your own time and maintain productivity is a key aspect of working remotely.
  • To thrive in a work-from-home-office environment, employees need to present different skills to do so.
  • This is where the HR manager wants to see your skills in action.
  • A longtime nomad himself, he has been to 65 countries while doing growth and remote work consulting for startups and accelerators.
  • The number of off-site jobs worldwide is likely to increase further in the coming months.

On the other hand, you can use existing creative communities as your portfolio – check out our Graphic Designer’s Behance page, and the Dribbble Playbook from our Product Designer. Generic statements tend to come in long walls of text with no impact whatsoever. Recruiters won’t read them due to their excessive length and uninspiring nature. When listing remote work on a resume, avoid using a passive voice and add action words instead. Specific statements are more compelling to read and leave less room for confusion.

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Even if you have only casual experience , that counts as remote experience, too. Most importantly, remember that a lot of people are new to the remote work world. So, keep that in mind not only when you’re creating a resume, but when you’re talking to recruiters or hiring managers about the position. Your resume is a way to show them that you’re up to the task, but you still need to prove that what you’ve said on that piece of paper isn’t lip service. Targeting similar and bridge roles will widen your job search while still keeping you on track to land your ideal position.

Even if you weren’t working remotely, chances are you’ve had to familiarize yourself with digital collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, and Asana. Prioritizing listing technologies you know well and are likely to use regularly in the new position, particularly if they’re mentioned in the job description. With more positions becoming hybrid or fully remote, it’s worth learning how to effectively showcase remote work on your resume. In this guide, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get started, as well as some examples of remote work accomplishments you can list on your resume. Employers want to see that you’ve been successful and accomplished while working remotely. They may want to know if you were the sole remote worker in a previous role, or if the whole company worked remotely.

Example 2: Demonstrate remote work skills in the resume summary section

Showcase on your resume that you can make a schedule, set your own goals, estimate timelines, and achieve goals promptly. More than 60% of the world’s workforce doesn’t want to return to the office full-time. People want more flexibility, and companies are willing to provide it. 74% of U.S. companies are using or planning to implement a permanent hybrid work model and flexible hours. Staffing Company works with dozens of local employers, and we can shorten your search for a great job.

How do you list remote work on a job description?

  1. Work at home.
  2. Work from home.
  3. Remote.
  4. Distributed.
  5. Work from anywhere.
  6. Virtual.
  7. Home office.